I have spent my career driving innovation and creating profitable companies in
technology, energy and biotechnology. I’ve founded companies, served as President, CEO and Chairman and have five successful IPOs, several with billion dollar outcomes.

I am Managing Director of Cambridge Energy Holdings and Higher Moment Capital and Director of Cell Exchange, Cambridge Devices, MTPV and DNSstuf. Over the years, I have served as Chairman of IBCC, Sialix, Inc., I-Cube, C-bridge, Open Environment Corporation, Answerfriend, World Street Corporation, and Integrated Computing Engines and as Managing Partner at Cambridge Samsung Partners.

I have a passion for the disruptive potential of technology that is rapidly seeping into every vertical. I believe a small group of highly motivated and focused individuals can catalyze the rate of change technology can unleash and truly change an industry. I am an ardent supporter of entrepreneurship on a global scale. I am fiercely loyal and understand the value of listening.